Are you ready for skiing and boarding, tubing with the kids, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, and lots of shoveling of walks and driveways? Are you also ready for the extra stress all that activity will put on your muscles and joints, and that might elicit the occasional groaning, "Oh, my aching back…"?


It’s the day after Thanksgiving as I write this, and, yesterday I had connections with family and friends who put their phones away for a few hours, and truly engaged with each other – good food and great fun!


I was very happy to find, while writing this blog, that the cold & flu items in my medicine chest are pretty much the same ones that were there when I last blogged about them… two years ago! That tells me my advice and the things I recommend stand the test of time.


I like to call it “the” Core 4, but if I was to be entirely accurate, I’d call it “your” Core 4. That’s because your body is not the same as anyone else’s body, so the basic building blocks of the Core 4 should be tailored for your individual needs. Or your child’s, that of your significant other, or your parent’s.


I think we can all agree that the best way to good health includes a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. The pace of life these days often makes eating right a hassle, though, and even the best eating habits don’t always give you the absolutely essential nutrients you need.


By now, it goes without saying that too much sun is not a good thing for your skin, and that you should always apply a decent sunscreen if you are spending time outside, especially during the hot summer months.


Following up on my Ticked Off! post, I want to make sure everyone understands the excellent homeopathic protocol to aid in the prevention of Lyme disease and tick born co-infections.


Yes, it’s that season again. It’s tick time, and this year, the news seems filled with even more dire warnings. Of course, that’s the nature of the news, nowadays, but in the case of ticks, it pays to be vigilant.


Collagen. Many people hear the word, and the first thing that comes to mind – maybe the only thing that comes to mind – is lip injections that give you the bee-stung look of Angelina Jolie.


School vacations are coming right up, and for or most people in New England that means either staying local for daily skip trips, or heading south for a week of fun in the sun.


Have you ever been attracted to something or someone without really knowing why? Well, your nose knows.