Soap, shampoo, conditioner, wash cloth, towel, and you’re just about ready to turn on the water and hop into the shower. Before you do, though, get out that skin brush and give yourself a once-over, because it only takes a minute to detox for the day.


It’s too bad that Labor Day signifies the end of summer, because even though we get shorter days and longer nights, the weather tends to be as pleasant as it gets all year. But once the grills are put away and the kids are sent back to school, it’s time for the fall routine to begin.


Every day, at least one person comes into Medicine World and asks me, “What is the best way for me to spend my money on vitamins and supplements?”

“Narrow it down,” I reply. “There are just a few things you need to make up for anything you may not be getting in your food.”


Summertime is fun time for most folks, and there is always a lot to do, especially in New England. But there are also things to watch out for during a New England summer, and we run into most summer problems because we’re exposing a lot more skin.


Gardens are finally popping with blooms, the leaves are on the trees, and we’ve had temperatures above 80 degrees. Not only is it finally spring, now I am already thinking about summertime… Clothing that is light and cool… Going out spontaneously… Knowing that I am ready for anything.


I looked in the mirror this morning and my face was looking like winter. Winter is over, Spring is here, and my skin needs to look new and fresh and rosy.


In my last blog post, we talked about coconut oil. Now I want to give you a favorite recipe of mine - Relax & Unwind - and show you how to blend it, so you can make your own personal combination.