Every fall, we turn our heat on and everything, including the dog, dries out. I like to combat the dry season with essential oils, because I have complete control of my ingredient list and, for me, the simpler the recipe, the better.


As the days get shorter and the holiday season approaches, you can be sure of several things: chilly temperatures arrive, family gatherings…and colds and flu - unwelcome guests at the holiday time of year.


A recent study caused a stir in the media when it linked Omega-3 fish oil with prostate cancer. The study has since been found to contain a variety of flaws, and the industry wants consumers to know their products are safe.


It's May and Phyto-B L4x has been on my shelf now since December. The reviews from previous tablet clients are mixed but for the most part it seems that Phyto-B liquid is working for most. The customers that are new to Phyto-B love it.