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I would like to share with you, information about products I reach for when myself or my family is experiencing symptoms that may lead to a cold or flu the most in my home, and that fly off my shelves at Medicine World. Remember treated at the first cough or sneeze gets the best possible result. 

Oscillococcinum: Easier to take than to pronounce, this is flu reliever is parent-tested and parent-approved. When the flu symptoms such as fever, body aches, headache, chills or fatigue appear, or when you think you have been around someone that has the flu, reach for your Oscillo. Keep some in your desk at work, in your purse, and even in the glove box or your car. If you’re prepared and treat fast, you'll feel like the flu has passed you by. It’s also safe for your entire family.  

Congaplex: Another safe-for-the-family product for general immune care, Congaplex is made from foods that heal, and helps to stimulate cells to promote an inflammatory response against symptoms like fever and swelling. I use this as a more broad-spectrum product, and when the symptoms have been lingering.

Quick Defense: This gives that cold or flu a one-two punch. It helps to restore the body’s immune response at the onset of symptoms, and is designed to be fast-acting. Most of the time, a two-day treatment is enough to keep you doing the things you need or love to do, without spending downtime on the couch.

Of course, in addition to the three products I mentioned here, we carry many others that arrest colds and flu, and reduce symptoms (including the over-the-counter brand-name remedies). I recommend keeping a little kit handy, filled with the items that suit you best. If you have specific needs, come in and see us we will fix you right up.

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