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From misplacing your keys, to remembering what you’re doing in the kitchen, to what you learned for your test the next day, we all want to have good recall, no matter what age. And my clients frequently ask me “What can I do for my memory?”  

Everyone wants to be motivated, function at highest capacity, and age well (once we get to an age when we start thinking about that). If you are healthy, and just want to boost your cognitive mind, here are a couple of old ideas, along with some of the latest and greatest, that I think can help:  

  • Water: Your brain uses a salty fluid to move nutrients in and out of cells. You also have a gel-like cushion supporting your brain. Staying hydrated gives your brain the liquid it needs to keep impulses flowing to all parts of it.  
  • Exercise: Anything that makes a strong muscle aids healthy brain tissue and function. Exercise increases blood circulation, which gives your brain fresh oxygen.  Super-important for your body overall, exercise can make you smarter, too.
  • Sleep: Sleep is restorative. When your brain is sleep-deprived, its functions is foggy, at best. Some studies even go as far as to say that a sleep-deprived brain can look like a brain under the influence of alcohol. Make sure you get 7 to 9 hours of rest nightly.
  • Healthy Diet: Eating right ensures that you get all the food nutrients necessary to “fill up your tank with premium.” A well-balanced diet keeps your weight under control, and gets you optimum energy. It also ramps up your brain’s ability to function optimally. I like a Mediterranean diet filled with fresh vegetables.
  • Healthy Fats: Your brain contains a high concentration of fat cells that insulate the nerve transmitters, so your brain cells need healthy fat to ensure the completion of nerve transmissions. Nuts and fish are just a few of the foods that can satisfy your need for healthy fats.
  • Less Sugar: Sugar actually causes brain fog and fatigue. It may give you an energy surge, but the crash is lower than low. Eating healthy foods that are lower in sugar keeps your body in balance, allowing it to use only the sugars you really need.
  • Brain Exercise: When you’re done exercising your body, exercise your brain. Studies show that doing crosswords, Sudoku or other puzzles, reading, learning something new like a language, and even exploring new territories, all keep thoughts flowing, create new synapses, and efficiently exercise your brain cells.  

In addition to the above, I like supplements when it seems like you’re doing everything right but still feel like you’re not where you want to be. 

Standard Process has four supplements that are super safe, target each part of a functioning brain, and get results for my clients. Apex Energetics just released Trizomal™ Glutathione, and I think it shows great promise. It’s designed to protect cells from oxidative stress, and keep your neurons clean and snappy. I can also help you with the so-important sleep, using a few tricks that work to help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake ready to go.  

As always, please always feel free to come in and chat with me. I can help you choose what’s best for you, keeping in mind the medications you may be taking, and your pocketbook.