Eat Your Vegetables

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Taking your Supplements is important.

Eating a great diet. Way more important.

The food we eat has protective effect, especially when it comes to living longer and avoiding heart disease. Isn’t this what we all want?

The key nutrients vitamin A and magnesium together can improve longevity. Vitamins A, K and zinc, together protect us from heart disease, say researchers from Tufts University.

They looked at the diets and health of more than 27,000 people aged 20 and older, whose nutritional intake was measured along with the way they were getting their nutrients.

Researchers accepted that supplements play an important role in topping-up nutritional levels, but food has a most protective effect. Food is the foundation for our body. Supplements are great and I take them every day and can’t imagine feeling as great as I do without them. Most important to me is what I am eating and how it is prepared. Good foods are not only a physical part of our everyday routine, they play an emotional and sensual role as well.

The researchers almost admit: their study didn't consider the potency or quality of the supplements we take.

I close with good, healthy food and a well-planned plate with all the colors, is the most important thing you can do for your day. Taking only quality supplements that are measured and standardized by those you purchase them from fill in our gaps and allow us to feel the best our body can.

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