Fly Through Allergy Season

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One never knows in New England when Mother Nature will decide to let up on the snow and start spring in full swing. You can count on this though… If you’re an allergy sufferer, the airborne pollen soon to arrive will have you swapping a snowblower and shovels for a runny nose and watery eyes. Unless…

Unless you have a plan in place and the products you need to combat spring allergies.

You need to know what you need and when you’ll need it. I will suggest the “When?” is “Now.” Better early, and no harm in starting before all the snow has disappeared. As for “What?” well… 

I have blogged about homeopathy and that is where I think you start. Homeopathy is the practice of “like treats like” and provides factors that mitigate hypersensitivity to common allergies. 

I have a combo homeopathic drop that does just that – Northeast Regional Allersode – that uses trees and grasses that are native to the northeast as the basis for its formulation. It’s like giving your body a heads up on what’s coming kind of thing, and keeps you from going into a full histamine explosion when the pollen begins to fly.  

To start, take 3 drops first thing in the morning, in a small amount of water. Do this dosage for three days, and then increase by 1 drop every three days until you reach 10 drops. Stay at 10 drops daily through the end of May, then decrease your dosage back to 5 drops daily through the end of leaf-peeper season.  

Homeopathics are safe for all ages, but dosage may change. They may also be taken with most prescriptions, but we encourage you to check with us, just to be sure. And if you need or want some extra support, a homeopathic is great paired with any other herbs or vitamins. 

For sinus pain and pressure, turmeric can help decrease swelling that causes it. I like to use a product that combines turmeric with other herbs that help with allergy symptoms specifically, such as Gaia Turmeric Supreme.  

Quercetin and nettle teas are also excellent anti-histamines. They can reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and reduce pain, and I have many choices of both, alone and in combos, at Medicine World. 

Herbs like eyebright aka euphrasia, goldenrod, and albizia, as found in Sinus Forte, can help tame your sneezes and helps your nasal passages and sinuses feel clear. 

Finally, here’s a suggestion you might not get elsewhere… start with your tummy!

By that, I mean start by replenishing and nourishing your gut bacteria, with a good probiotic. Probiotics that target respiratory and immune heath can be helpful year ‘round, and companies that know their stuff are now making probiotics for specific issues.

Whether you choose a capsule, a tea, drops, or a tablet, some of my recommendations or all of them, I can help you choose the right product for your symptoms.

All my reviews are from real people like you. I can assure you that whatever I send you home with is safe and high quality – you can trust Medicine World to help you fly right through allergy season.