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A-a-a-CHOO! It’s Allergy Season We offer over-the-counter, prescription and holistic remedies to ease your allergy suffering.


Your Way Is Our Way Carmina Lolley is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Holistic Health Consultant, so you get advice that fits you best.


Compounding May Help
For the right strength, right dosage and right timing, compounding may be the right answer for you!


(Especially for Women) Is your body going a little crazy as you get older?
We offer hormone therapies that can help!



Spring, Mom and daughter

It’s the Season...

Everyone loves Spring and the warmer months it brings, but along with the sun, nature also brings a few aggravations that nobody looks forward to, including:

  • • Runny noses and watery eyes due to pollen allergies
  • • Poison ivy and other poisonous plant rashes
  • • Bug bite itching and irritation
  • • Sunburn discomfort

At Medicine World, we have both traditional and natural remedies for knocking down the symptoms of hay fever, insect bites, poisonous plant exposure, sunburn and all the other Spring and Summer ailments. Come on in and let us take care of you.

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